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We will close our store on September 30, 2021!

Dear tattoo and piercing friends,
We will close our store on September 30, 2021! We leave Switzerland and try to find our luck in the distance. If the political situation allows, we will come back to Switzerland once or twice a year to tattoo. The period and where we then bring our color under the skin we will announce early on the HomePage, Facebook and Instagram. 

Due to the many registrations it is no longer possible for us to accept tattoo appointments, piercing orders we will continue to accept until the end of September. 

We thank you for the 10 years of tattookunst, it was a great time we will never forget!




Tattookunst is a tattoo studio and piercing studio in Beckenried. All tattoos that we engraving are designed individually beforehand. Our long experience as tattoo artists and piercers helps us to understand the world of our customers. We are familiar with any tattoo motive from simple to complex.

At Tattookunst Schranz you can get different piercings, traditional or microdermal.

We advise you professionally and have a large selection of piercings and microdermals. Whether simple or with a lot of "bling" we have the right thing for you.

Since June 28, 2019 our studio is hygiene certified with!!!

Our service

After the stitching we give you tips for the care and further treatment of the tattoo. In addition, you will get a care manual in written form on the way. Despite many requests we do not sting tattoos on hands and head. We take the liberty to refuse certain tattoo motive that could damage our reputation. We only use colors that are produced in the EU and thus comply with the guidelines of the EU resolution 2008.

In the tattoo studio Tattookunst Schranz in Beckenried there are no ready-made tattoo templates. We draw each tattoo by hand for you. Whether trend tattoo or own idea - the style of the tattoo motif is based on the wishes of our customers. Your tattoo idea you can describe us in conversation or you already bring a tattoo sketch. Hygiene is our top priority. We use only sterile disposable materials. So that your skin is stressed as little as possible, we sting with the latest technologies from the tattoo industry. Get inspired by the tattoos in the photo gallery.
We pierce all types of traditional piercings. We will gladly advise you on the possible applications of microdermals. Different attachments can be attached to microdermals and exchanged again. The spectrum ranges from simple to elegant. All our piercings and microdermals are made of high quality titanium - a very skin-friendly metal. After the piercing we will give you tips for the care and further treatment of the piercing or microdermal. In addition, you will receive written instructions for the care of your piercing or microdermal.


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